Irish Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science

December 7-8th 2017

Dublin Institute of Technology


The conference will be held in the St laurence’s church Grangegorman Campus, Dublin Institute of Technology.

Schedule - Thursday 7th December

09:30 - 10:30Keynote Speaker
  • Dr. Vincent Lonij, IBM Research - Expect the Unexpected, AI in the Real World.  
10:30-12:00Session 1
  • 10:30 — Approaches and Techniques for analysing WiFi location data 
  • Clement Roux, John McAuley and James Little. 
  • 10:50 —  Assessing the Usefulness of Different Feature Sets for Predicting the Comprehension Difficulty of Text  
  • Brian Mac Namee, John D. Kelleher and Noel Fitzpatrick.
  • 11:10 — Finding Niche Topics using Semi-Supervised Topic Modeling via Word Embeddings  
  • Gerald Conheady and Derek Greene.
  • 11:30 — Running with Cases: A CBR Approach to Running Your Best Marathon  
  • Pádraig Cunningham and Barry Smyth
12:00-12:30Coffee Break
12:30-14:00Session 2
  • 12:30 — A comparison on the classification of short-text documents using Latent Dirichlet Allocation and Formal Concept Analysis  
  • Noel Rogers and Luca Longo. 
  • 12:50 — Synthetic Dataset Generation for Online Topic Modeling  
  • Mark Belford, Brian Mac Namee and Derek Greene. 
  • 13:10 — Extending Jensen Shannon Divergence to Compare Multiple Corpora  
  • Jinghui Lu, Maeve Henchion and Brian Mac Namee. 
  • 13:30 — Pinyin as Subword Unit for Chinese-Sourced Neural Machine Translation  
  • Jinhua Du and Andy Way.
14:00-15:00Lunch Break
15:00-15:40Session 3
  • 15:00 — How short is a piece of string? : The Impact of Text Length and Text Augmentation on Short-text Classification  
  • Austin Mccartney, Svetlana Hensman and Luca Longo. 
  • 15:20 — Semi-Supervised Overlapping Community Finding with Pairwise Constraints  
  • Elham Alghamdi and Derek Greene. 
15:40-16:10Coffee Break
16:10-16:50Session 4
  • 16:10 — How Do Distance Runners Experience Inner Speech? An Empirical Investigation  
  • Brendan Duggan.
  • 16:30 — A Cognitive Learning Model that Combines Feature Formation and Event Prediction  
  • Eman Awad and Fintan Costello.
16:50Wrap Up
19:00Conference Dinner (The Alex, O'Callaghan Hotels)

Schedule - Friday 8th December

09:15-10:00Session 5
  • 09:15 Welcome
  • 09:20 — Personalised Recommendations for Modes of Transport: A Sequence-based Approach  
  • Gunjan Kumar, Houssem Jerbi and Michael O'Mahony.
  • 09:40 — Inferring Destination from Mobility Data  
  • Ali Naeem and Kenneth Brown. 
10:00 - 10:45Invited Speaker
  • Dr. Diarmuid OSeaghdha - Invited speaker: NLP/ Dialogue Research manager at Apple.  
10:45-11:45Coffee Break & Poster Session
11:45-13:30Session 6
  • 11:45 — Inferring Waypoints in the Absence of Knowledge of Driving Style  
  • Daniel A. Desmond and Ken Brown.
  • 12:05 — On the relationship between sampling rate and Hidden Markov Models Accuracy in Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring  
  • Steven Lynch and Luca Longo.
  • 12:25 — Multi-Resolution Forecast Aggregation for Time Series in Agri Datasets  
  • Fouad Bahrpeyma, Mark Roantree and Andrew McCarren.
  • 12:45 — Multi-level Attention-Based Neural Networks for Distant Supervised Relation Extraction  
  • Linyi Yang, Tin Lok James Ng, Catherine Mooney and Ruihai Dong. 
  • 13:05 — Evaluation of Data Mining Techniques for Two Child-related Social Problems  
  • James Little, Andy Rixon and Hayder Abdulabbas Waheed. 
 Closing Remarks
13:30-14:30AIAI Community Meeting